Who Are we

History & Organization Development Stages


President Gamal Abdel Nasser issued a decree establishing “The General Cooperative Association for Housing.”


The Association’s name was changed into “The Egyptian Cooperative Association for Construction & Housing” and its activities were organized.


The Association’s name was changed again into “The General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives.”


The Authority is declared to be an independent economic entity maintaining its own financial resources.

About CHC-Egypt

The General Authority for Construction & Housing Cooperatives (CHC- Egypt) is considered to be one of the greatest economic bodies affiliated to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities leading creative and innovative initiatives to boost the cooperative housing system in Egypt by providing people with affordable housing opportunities and loans to better overcome the housing crisis within the Ministry's framework of achieving sustainable urban development.
It became crystal clear, after the 6 October 1973 War, that CHC- Egypt plays a significant and a pivotal role as it helped in implementing many housing projects to give the Egyptian people their lives back specially in the Suez Canal and Sinai regions by building nearly half a million cooperative housing units as well as providing the Egyptian citizens with more than 10,000 immediate housing units in all areas affected by the 1992 earthquake
212.000 housing units were established by CHC- Egypt in addition to 1.2 Million ones implemented by the Egyptian cooperative housing societies supervised by the Authority resulting in a total of 1.412 Million housing units targeting the low and middle-income people as well as providing more than 6 Million Egyptian citizens with affordable housing opportunities.
In addition, CHC- Egypt launched innovative initiatives to establish agricultural, industrial and artisan cooperative communities helping in overcoming the unemployment crisis and achieving urban development outside El Wadi El Gedid Governorate and the Nile Delta region which will in return help in transforming Egypt’s economic and population map. Egypt’s cooperative housing system will be maintained by activating Egypt’s role regionally & internationally and exchanging knowledge & expertise with the successful global cooperative experiences.
In the past few years, the Authority has accomplished many tasks that meet the ambitions of the cooperative housing system in Egypt such as:
  • Providing the Cooperative housing societies in new cities with needed lands.
  •  Activating Egypt’s Cabinet decree on increasing the cooperative housing loan.
The General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives strives to get Egypt's pioneering role in housing cooperatives back on track to achieve the main goal of the Ministry of Housing, utilities and Urban Communities of providing people with an affordable housing through its hard work and innovative ideas CHC aims at maintaining its status as a prestigious entity and an integrated model of active participation of the civil society in building the New Republic of Egypt.