CHC Chairman Inspects the development works of the Authority’s Project in Tarboul

November 3, 2023

Major General Eng. Elbaroudi witnesses a detailed presentation of the project along with the plans and programs of the developing corporates and gives directives to elevate the project implementation rates immediately.

Major General Eng. Waleed Farouk Elbaroudi, CHC Chairman, inspected the Authority’s project in New Atfeeh City (Tarboul) which is located in Giza Governorate along with a delegation from CHC-Egypt including  Major General Eng. Khaled Alam El Din, Vice-Chairman, Chairman Advisors, Heads of the Authority’s Central Departments and General Managers. The delegation was received by Counselor Sherif Hamouda, chairman of GV Developments and the General  developer of Tarboul, a number of the company’s leaders, members of the House of Representatives, civil & executive leaders and Atfeeh City’s Elders.

During the visit, he witnessed a series of presentations about the latest developments concerning the project’s infrastructure, surrounding roads, international and national investments opportunities in addition to the electricity supply and water treatment techniques.

Major General Eng. Elbaroudi along with the accompanying delegation inspected the countryside village, water treatment plant, Wholesale Market & factories zone, the Oasis, the 500 zone in New Atfeeh as well as the project’s roads and facilities network. H.E gave directives to maximize the project implementation rates, set up factories & industrial entities and provide them with facilities shedding light on the international status occupied by the project as it  was launched in several international exhibitions. Within this context, he stressed on the necessity of delivering monthly project outcome timeline and reports by the construction companies to be updated with the latest developments.  

From this perspective, CHC Chairman referred to Tarboul’s main objectives of offering international and national investment opportunities, setting up large, small and medium- sized factories based on modern technology in the implementation of its projects, attracting a plenty of international companies working in the field of clean energy and Hydrogen (Green) & electrical vehicles, creating appropriate job opportunities for the youth in Atfeeh and providing them with professional training programs  to develop their craft and industrial skills.

It’s worth mentioning that Tarboul is considered one of the sustainable integrated industrial development projects  and one of the Authority’s major fields of business concerning the implementation of regional economic development communities (industrial, commercial, residential, service-oriented). The project occupies a space of 109 million m2 and includes 13.000 industrial entities located on an area of 45 million m2 allocated for the industrial activities. The project includes the Global Marble Industrial City, developers & investors zone, Logistics area, craft workshops, residential areas and the regional roads commercial services areas; together they form a sustainable industrial development city.