Land sale Public Auction!

 land sale public Auction

Purchasing transaction/bid number: 115 (2023/2024)

Entity: Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development – General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives

Submission date: 10/01/2023

Date of opening envelopes: 2023-10-23 12:00

Type of purchasing transaction

Bidding: Public bidding

Nature of the purchasing process: external

Status: Can be applied for

Announcement date: 10/01/2023

Accepts retail: Not available

Alternative offers: No

Evaluation system: Accepted/Rejected

The price of the terms and conditions document for large companies: 1000, and the initial insurance: 2,000,000
The price of the small and micro-sized terms and conditions brochure: 0

Activity: General contracting

Description: Selling by public auction plots of land in Cairo and Giza Governorates (hospital – administrative), Alexandria Governorate (hospital – school), Dakahlia Governorate (administrative), and Al-Wajjah Al-Qibli governorates (commercial – hospital – school – medical center)
Securing entry into the auction for the Qena Medical Center and the Sohag Medical Center for one million pounds, while the remainder is 2 million pounds

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